Sponsorship Requests

Supporting UBC is important to us. We help sponsor campus events whenever possible.
Please be sure to carefully review our sponsorship criteria to see if your event is eligible for possible sponsorship. We have a defined annual budget set aside for sponsoring events through products, services, gift baskets, gift cards and more. Meeting our criteria does not guarantee we will be able to provide funding or support your event.


Sponsorship Criteria

Brand Fit

While we would like to recognize and support every event, our goal is to partner with organizations and events that are a strong, natural match to our brand values. To be eligible for sponsorship, your event must be a UBC staff, faculty or student event. Also, it must be related to the themes of sustainability (social, ecological, economic) or nutrition (wellness, healthy lifestyles).


Recognition Opportunities for UBC Food Services

In return for sponsorship, you must provide at least five of the following:

  • Logo recognition on event promotional materials such as website, posters, advertisements and invitations.
  • Logo recognition on event collateral such as tickets, table toppers, event signage.
  • Verbal recognition at the event.
  • Tickets (if applicable) to event or associated VIP events.
  • Opportunity to place a UBC Food Service advertisement in appropriate collateral.
  • Opportunity to display promotional materials at your event, such as postcards and sandwich boards.
  • Opportunity to have a staffed booth at your event to promote UBC Food Services to your audience.