Eating a balanced diet is vital for good health and wellbeing. Our Registered Dietitian supports students in residence at UBC Vancouver by providing resources, guidance and support for a variety of food and nutrition concerns.


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At UBC Food Services we do our utmost to communicate information about ingredients and allergens to our customers.


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Melissa Baker, MHSc, RD

Manager, Nutrition and Wellbeing

Melissa Baker completed her dietetics degree at UBC and then went on to do a Masters of Health Science at Ryerson University in Toronto. Melissa is also an AllerTrain Certified Master Trainer, and works hard to support students at UBC with allergies.

Melissa is passionate about ensuring the university residence environment supports a healthy lifestyle and helps young adults create healthy habits for life. She strongly believes in promoting food choices that are nourishing, sustainable, and delicious! Melissa is also a big advocate for taking time to share meals with friends and family, and believes that basic cooking skills are a key ingredient in a healthful diet.

Melissa has worked in many different practice areas including clinical, retail, industry, media, and consulting. She also sat on the Board of Directors for Dietitians of Canada for 3 years. Melissa loves being a part of the exciting food and nutrition world at UBC – be sure to connect with her!

Melissa’s Kitchen Corner

4 Tips to Cook for Yourself

Preparing your own food is cheaper compared to eating out, can help you build essential food skills, and is associated with a whole host of physical and mental health benefits.

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11 Prep Day Ideas

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While New Year’s resolutions are the norm, it’s actually much more powerful to set well thought-out goals for the year. Research has shown that more than half of adults make New Year’s resolutions, but fewer than 10% actually stick with their resolutions for more than a few months.

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3 Tips for a Healthy Start to the New Year

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Chef David’s Ultimate Veggie Burger

Over lunch one day in early November, Chef David took over the Square Meal station in Open Kitchen to serve up a delicious vegetarian/vegan menu. Here’s the recipe for the Ultimate Veggie Burger, featuring UBC Farm beets, crispy yams and smashed avocado lime tahini dressing on a soft brioche bun.

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Should I Take Vitamins and Supplements?

While most people will get the vitamins and minerals their bodies needs to function well from eating a balanced diet, certain people have specific supplement needs based on their age, life stage, or dietary preferences.

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Dietary Accommodation

Allergens and Gluten

At UBC Food Services (Vancouver), our primary goal is keeping our customers safe from food-borne illness and food allergens. However, we do not have allergen or gluten-free kitchens. We do our utmost to prevent cross-contamination and to communicate information about allergens to our customers. We require all new employees to complete a Food Allergy Training session and a quiz to verify the information was learned. This training was developed with support from Food Allergy Canada and their guidebooks “Allergen Training Basics for the Food Service and Food Retail Industry” as well as “Anaphylaxis in Schools and Other Settings”.

We check ingredient information and label food when we are aware it contains one of the top ten allergens. However, we cannot guarantee labelling accuracy or the absence of cross-contamination. It is the responsibility of customers with food allergies to make their concerns known to our staff. It is our staff’s responsibility to find out the most accurate information for our customer so that the customer can make the final judgment on whether or not to eat any particular item. For assistance, please contact UBC Food Services. 

Food Services at UBC Okanagan is operated by Aramark Canada. Please visit their website to contact them with any allergy or nutrition concerns or to schedule a food tour with their Health & Safety Coordinator and Head Chef.

Retail Locations Operated by UBC (Non-Franchised)

Subject to the qualifications in the section “Allergens and Gluten”, foods prepared on campus are labelled if they contain any top ten allergens. Ingredients are either listed on packaging or available upon request. We offer certified gluten-free packaged goods from non-UBC facilities at most of our locations, as well as rotational menu items that include vegan, vegetarian and gluten-friendly dishes.

Franchises Operated by UBC

Franchise chain locations are operated according to the rules and regulations of the parent franchise company. Customers should contact the parent franchise for information about allergens in their products.

Residence Dining Rooms

Our residence dining rooms at Totem Park, Place Vanier, and Orchard Commons have provided safe service for thousands of students with food allergies. Students are encouraged to identify any special food requirements to UBC Food Services staff. However, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment, or 100% accuracy in labelling. Our staff work closely with students to provide safe, varied menu options. Staff are trained in safe food handling and know the importance of food safety in the prevention of cross-contamination.

When we are aware, we indicate foods that contain top ten allergens. Ingredients of all dishes served in the dining room are available upon request.

Students living in Totem Park or Place Vanier who indicate that they require dietary accommodations on their residence application will be contacted individually by our Manager of Nutrition and Wellness prior to arrival. They will receive information about menu items, services and accommodations that are available to address their specific dietary concern. In the event that a person with an allergy does not feel safe selecting daily menu items, special entrées can be prepared for that student with prior notice. Arrangements can also be made for the purchase of specialty items, such as gluten-free items. Any student with a severe allergy or intolerance is encouraged to contact UBC Food Services prior to arriving at UBC.

Students with anaphylactic allergies have the option to keep a back-up auto-injector (e.g. EPI-pen) in the Residence Dining Office in case of emergency.

Halal and non-Halal menu options are available in the dining rooms. Currently, all of the fresh chicken products, lamb and beef burgers are Halal certified. Non-Halal options are available upon request with the exception of lamb products. A wide variety of vegetarian and vegan choices are available at each meal service.

Campus Partners

UBC does not own or operate our campus partner locations. You must contact them individually to find out how they may accommodate your dietary preferences.

Top Ten Priority Allergens

Eggs, Dairy, Peanuts, Fish, Shellfish, Sesame, Soy, Mustard, Tree Nuts and Wheat.

Other highlighted ingredients: Gluten and Sulfites.


Students in residence can meet with Melissa to discuss a food allergy, intolerance, nutrition-related medical condition or general healthy eating.


No time to meet up? Students in residence can email Melissa with food or nutrition questions.


UBC is committed to creating an outstanding and healthy work environment. SHHS Staff can speak with Melissa about food and health concerns.