UBC Food Services Locations

UBC Food Services operated locations only. Does not include our food trucks (they're on the move!) or campus partners.

The Point Grill

Sage Restaurant & Catering | Ideas Lunch & Wine Bar

Tim Hortons (Forest Sciences Centre)

Caffe Perugia

Ike's Café

IRC Snackbar

Law Café


Niche Café

Reboot Café

Sauder Exchange Café

Starbucks UBC Bookstore

Starbucks (Fred Kaiser)

Stir It Up Café

Triple O's | Tim Hortons | Bento Sushi | Qoola

Totem Park Dining Room | Magda's Mini Mart

Place Vanier's Dining Room | Hubbard's Mini Mart

Subway | Starbucks–SUB

Hungry Nomad

School of Fish

Roaming Bowl

The Dog House

Its About Thai


Open Kitchen