Tamara Paetsch | Food & Nutrition Coordinator
Tamara completed her nutrition degree and dietetics training at the University of Manitoba. She enjoys engaging with students through social media and outreach activities. Tamara is passionate about helping students build healthy lifestyles as well as ensuring students have positive and safe dining experiences at UBC.

Looking for more options in the dining rooms to meet your dietary preferences? Check out these dining room hacks to help you eat happier and hit the books harder. While our facilities aren’t completely gluten-free or vegan, we try our best to accommodate everyone’s dietary preferences. Here are some tips for eating with dietary preferences at Feast, Gather and Open Kitchen:

1. Always ask!

Many dishes offered on the menu can easily be made vegetarian, vegan, made without gluten, or without most ingredients…all you have to do is ask. It’s usually as easy as omitting an ingredient (like a sprinkle of cheese or cilantro) or substituting a different sauce. The chefs are pros and are happy to accommodate any dietary preferences.

2. Fall in love with the salad and sides bar.

Mix and match to build your own bowl. There are always loads of veggies to choose from and plant based proteins like tofu, legumes, and seeds. Plus, sides bar dishes are always vegan! Make sure you get your carbohydrates in by adding things like quinoa or fruit from the parfait bar or rice from the sides bar.

3. Know your gluten-free options.

Many of our menu items are made without gluten or can easily be made so by substitution. So go ahead, order that dish you wanted without the bun or bread and add a gluten-free alternative to your meal. Gluten-free breads and a designated gluten-free toaster can be found in any dining room’s supervisors office. If you’re looking for something sweet, pre-packaged gluten-free desserts like cookies are available at all dining room locations.

4. Search out plant-based dairy products.

Did you know that the grab and go or drink coolers in the dining rooms are fully stocked with plant-based dairy alternatives? Grab a vegan yogurt to go with a side of fruit to build a breakfast parfait; or grab a soy milk to pour over your cereal.

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