By Nisha Takhar | 4th Year Dietetics
Nisha’s passion for food, science, and helping others sparked her interest in dietetics. She is interested in exploring the social and personal connections we create with each of our food choices. Using social media as an engagement tool, Nisha hopes to facilitate access to evidence-based and trustworthy nutrition information for all.

Ever find yourself accidentally missing lunch because of your busy schedule or inconvenient class times? Life as a student can feel hectic, but re-fueling your body’s energy mid-day is crucial to help you focus and power through the rest of the day. Here are a couple of tips to help make sure you never miss lunch again!

1. Meal prep really works.

Preparing whole meals or ingredients in batches is key when it comes to eating healthy and homemade food without lots of extra work. For example, try cutting up a bunch of veggies at the beginning of the week and store them wrapped in paper towels. This will reduce their moisture level and prevent spoilage, so you can have veggies ready as a quick snack or to throw into a salad throughout the week! Here are 11 more prep day ideas to help you get started.

2. No microwave? No problem!

Finding a place to heat-up your lunch can be a struggle on campus, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with sandwiches all week. Mason jar salads, stuffed pita-pockets and wraps are just a few great examples of delicious and nutritious meals that don’t require a microwave. Still feeling stuck? Try out this layered pasta salad recipe that is easy to transport and doesn’t require reheating.

3. Snack for success.

Studying is hard work, so it’s important to keep your brain fuelled with tasty and nutrient-dense snacks. Some of my favourite portable snacks include rice cakes covered in nut butter, dried fruit, homemade veggie chips, and pita with hummus. Check out 5 more healthy and delicious snack ideas here!

4. Eat out sometimes.

There are days when you don’t feel like meal prepping at all. UBC has tons of great options to grab healthy food on campus. For example, stop by Harvest to find a selection of tasty salads, overnight oats, and hearty soups. Check out our past posts here and here for even more ideas on where to find nourishing and flavourful food at UBC.

There you have it – 4 lunchtime tips that will help you stay fuelled to tackle your busy days as a student!

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