By Nisha Takhar | 4th Year Dietetics
Nisha’s passion for food, science, and helping others sparked her interest in dietetics. She is interested in exploring the social and personal connections we create with each of our food choices. Using social media as an engagement tool, Nisha hopes to facilitate access to evidence-based and trustworthy nutrition information for all.

Finding a healthy and satisfying meal on campus can seem difficult as a busy student, but UBC has plenty of options for those of us who are looking for a nutritious and delicious bite on a tight schedule. Last year, we shared 7 of our favourite places to eat and now we are adding 4 more to the list:

1. Poké

As one of UBC’s newer lunch spots, Pacific Poké serves up a West Coast twist on classic Hawaiian poké with 100% Ocean Wise seafood. Pacific Poké is a great place to grab a tasty meal on-the-go while sneaking a serving of fish into your week. Try one of their set bowls or create your own combination for a flavourful lunchtime treat! If you’re looking for poké but are closer to the northeast side of campus, our dining room Gather at Vanier has awesome poké bowl and poké burrito options too.

2. Ike’s Café

Located conveniently inside the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, Ike’s Café serves up sandwiches, hot daily soups and stews, and their classic hearty chicken, rice and salad entrée. This is a great spot to grab a balanced meal between classes or before hitting the books in the library.

3. Seedlings

This classic UBC eatery re-opened in September after renovations. With a focus on sustainability, Seedlings produces mouth-watering and affordable vegetarian meals that are worth the trek to the north end of campus. Be sure to stop by to try their all-day breakfast.

4. LFS Wednesday Night Dinners

Every Wednesday at 5pm, the LFS Wednesday Night Dinner team offers hearty 3-course vegetarian meals for only $5 in the cozy Macmillan Building basement. Wednesday Night Dinners are a great time to share a meal with friends amidst a busy schedule. Be sure to follow their Facebook page to get the latest updates on the weekly menu. Bonus: bring your own container and you can skip the line!

With such a diverse selection of healthy and nutritious meals options on campus, you’ll be sure to find something tasty to help fuel your busy day. Happy Eating!

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