By Nisha Takhar | 4th Year Dietetics
Nisha’s passion for food, science, and helping others sparked her interest in dietetics. She is interested in exploring the social and personal connections we create with each of our food choices. Using social media as an engagement tool, Nisha hopes to facilitate access to evidence-based and trustworthy nutrition information for all.

Finals are here, which means long hours of studying. Stress, fatigue, and fluctuations in eating habits are bound to happen. Here are 3 tips to help you maintain healthy habits, improve your focus, and keep you going throughout a busy exam season!

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can help quench thirst, but research suggests that good hydration may also help improve exam scores! By keeping your mind and body well hydrated, you can improve cognitive performance and overall health. Here are some suggestions for 5 low-sugar drinks that can keep you fueled while you study.

2. Optimize Immunity

There is nothing worse than the troublesome feeling of a scratchy throat or a stuffy nose during exam season. Maintaining a good nutritional status may help protect from illness, so it’s important to nourish your body with whole foods to keep you healthy and focused. Eat at regular intervals and be sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables on your plate. Here are four foods which might help boost immunity.

3. Share Meals

Meal planning can often get pushed to the back burner during periods of high-stress. But, sharing meals with others can support mental health during these times. Not only does this remind you to take a break to nourish yourself and relax but sharing meals can also help create stronger social connections and help you thrive. Check out this post for more on the benefits of meal sharing.

Good luck on your finals!

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