Eco - To Go: Container Exchange Program



Anyone who lives, works or eats on campus.


The program is available at Totem, Vanier’s Dining Rooms and all participating UBC Food Services Locations. You may exchange your used container for a membership card at any participating locations where they will be washed and sanitized.


Membership is $5 plus tax. Once you buy your first membership card, there is no expiry date or annual renewal. For lost or demaged container and/or card, a replacement fee is required. This program does not make a profit, it simply covers the actual cost of the container. You can purchase a container at any of the participating locations. You simply exchange your membership card for a container and vice-versa- you’ll never have both in your possession at the same time. Drop it off dirty when you are finished with it, obtain your card, or get another meal to go. Now you can enjoy your campus food any where you go, with less waste!



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