Supplier Spotlight

UBC Farm

UBC Farm

Our chefs take great delight in making use of super fresh, organic and extremely local produce from our very own UBC Farm whenever possible. The kitchens in our residence dining rooms, several of our restaurants and our central commissary kitchen all have direct sourcing relationships with UBC Farm.

UBC Farm produce incorporated into our menus includes a large array of herbs, as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables. We use this produce in everything from salads, soups and entrées at Sage and Point Grill restaurants, Totem and Vanier Dining Rooms, and in our delicious house-made soups and stews served across campus.

The UBC Farm is located on the UBC Campus within a 90-year old coastal hemlock forest that comprises a mosaic of cultivated annual crop fields, perennial hedgerows and orchards, pasture, teaching gardens, and forest stands. The UBC Farm grows over 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.


Ethical Bean

Available at most locations, Ethical Bean’s coffees are Fair Trade certified organic, locally roasted, bird friendly, and shade grown. From the field to your cup, Ethical Bean is committed to providing farmers a fair price for their coffee while ensuring little environmental impact.

We serve two of Ethical Bean’s most exceptional coffees:
Rocket Fuel—French Roast. The lovechild of dark alchemy and complete combustion. A hammering dark roast, blended to display body, balance and a dark cocoa-laced finish.
Lush—Medium Dark Roast. Any richer, and you’d ask it for a loan. A heavy cup with Burgundian fullness, alive with fruit, smoke, and earth notes.

Vancouver-based Ethical Bean is proud of their community. Local partnerships and sponsorships include: Bike to Work Week, Union Gospel Mission and Theatre Under the Stars.Ethical Bean has raised over $64,000, providing more than 650 educational scholarships for Guatemalan grade-schoolers.

Milano Boutique Coffee

We proudly serve Milano’s finest Fair Trade locally roasted organic espresso and blended drip coffee at Caffè Perugia, Ike’s Café, Sauder Exchange Café, Sage Bistro and The Point Grill. Milano Coffee is a Vancouver family owned and operated company.

Milano has created 3 blends especially for UBC Food Services:
Adagio—a sultry smooth medium roast.
Arrosto Francese—a rich and smooth French style roast, fair trade and organic, with hints of caramel and a peppery finish.
Espresso la Futura—an Arabica espresso blend with flavours of cocoa, vanilla and toffee

Milano Coffee, along with sister company, Turks Coffee, has been immersed with the community since its inception. It supports Out of the Cold Project, World Vision, MADD, Vancouver International Jazz Fest—just to name a few!


Zhena Gypsy Tea

Zhena combines the ancient tea blending principles of the earliest monks and herbalists with the latest health research and produces hand-crafted, premium quality, all natural and organic tea infusions. Zhena’s Gypsy Teas sells only 100% organic and Fair Trade certified.

Enjoy a cup of Zhena’s Tea at all our UBC Food Services locations, including Wescadia Catering and Residence Dining Rooms. Varieties of Green, Black and Herbal Teas served include: Earl Greater Grey, Peach Ginger, Acai Berry, Egyptian Mint, Dragon Well and Coconut Chai

Zhena developed the Robin Hood Laptop Project in 2012 to give educational materials and computers to the children of tea workers. The program aims to broaden education and skills in teas worker communities, leading to a more sustainable and organic tea industry.

Wendel’s True Foods

Most of our delicious gluten free baked goods come from Wendel’s, a family owned company located in Fort Langley, B.C. Wendel’s is dedicated to making certified gluten free products with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.

Some of the tasty Wendel’s treats we serve in many of our locations and our residence dining rooms include: biscotti, carrot cake, chocolate brownies, chocolate dipped pecan tarts, and ginger cookies.

For more information on Wendels Truefoods visit